About Marlin & Percy

Marlin and PercyMarlin & Percy is a comic many years in the making. Originally conceived by Caleb Bollenbacher over a decade ago, the story quickly fizzled out due to the writer’s lack of artistic ability. Fast forward a couple years later and the idea has become a reality, brought to life by the dynamic art of Tyler Ellis.

In Marlin & Percy, readers will have the opportunity to follow the hijinks and hilarity of two primates who have decided to be heroes, only to find out that being a hero means a lot more than wearing a cool cape. Over the course of their adventures they’ve discovered that heroism isn’t always glamorous, can be as easy as being a friend, and requires putting others above yourself. 

The first issue of Marlin & Percy finds the monkeys caught up in a plot by the evil Dr. Repugnant, who, along with his baboon associate, Guinea, is set on abducting our favorite heroes. After all their hero training, could this be the end of the line for Marlin and Percy? Is friendship enough to overcome the best laid plans of a big-time villain?  Will their first major adventure end up as their last?

This is the fourth collaboration by Bollenbacher and Ellis, who met while attending Baylor University. The idea of creating comics arose in response to Tyler’s need for a thesis in completion of his Master’s degree, and the two have been working together on-and-off ever since.


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