Meet Marlin & Percy

Let’s take a moment to meet our heroes, Marlin & Percy. And we’ll also take a look at their friends, foes and the Rogues Gallery of villains who make the stories more interesting.

Cast of Characters


Percy: Prince Percival Arthur McMonkey was once the heir to the throne. He decided to get into the superhero business because sometimes royalty can be boring, and he found out along the way that helping people can be a lot of fun.


Marlin: Marlin has been Percy’s best friend ever since he became an unofficial member of the royal family as a young ape. Though he enjoys a quiet, studious life, he always fancied himself an adventurer.

Girl with the Blue Headband

The Girl With the Blue Headband: A scientist by training, a hero mentor by happenstance, the Girl With The Blue Headband is the brains of most operations. She didn’t ask to help Percy, but she’s too nice not to.

Dr. Repugnant

Dr. Repugnant: Dr. Repugnant is a scientist, and he’s often mad, but don’t let him hear you calling him a ‘mad scientist’. He keeps most of his plans for world domination shrouded in mystery.


Guinea: Speaking of mysteries, Guinea is a shady little creature with big secrets and bigger plans. Like Marlin and Percy, he’s a talking animal, but the similarities end there, as he seems to have no interest in doing good.

Rogues Gallery

Purse Snatcher #3

Purse Snatcher #3: Marlin and Percy have nearly apprehended this guy several times, but he keeps managing to get loose. He’s a minor but consistent annoyance, and the city’s purses aren’t safe as long as he is free.

The Hyena

The Hyena: Nobody’s really sure what the Hyena’s deal is, but he sure is a handful! He seems to be in the crime business just for the laughs, but Percy and Marlin are not amused by his antics. He’s been locked up ever since our heroes caught him trying to rob a clown convention. Typical.


Digger: If you look up “mess” in the dictionary, you might just find a picture of Digger. A former construction worker who found himself on the wrong end of an experiment gone wrong, he’s been tearing up the city whenever he can. Fortunately for fans of solid ground, Marlin and Percy, caught Digger mud-handed and locked him away.

The Mongoose

The Mongoose: Little is known about the Mongoose. He’s a master criminal who thrives on secrets and subterfuge, and while our heroes have never seen him in person, they’ve seen plenty of his dastardly handiwork. Like his namesake, he’s quick and vicious, and he must be stopped!

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