A Little History…

StickerSwarmComics-Media-FinalSome of my best memories growing up were of my weekly walks to the Ben Franklin store in the small, mid-western downtown where I grew up.  With lawn mowing, snow shoveling, or newspaper delivery money in hand, I couldn’t wait to find out what new comic book issues were available for me to buy.  There must have been 100’s of comics that I purchased during that period in my life.  I read those comics over and over again and believe my excitement for them was the foundation for my lifelong love of reading.  Heroes like Captain America, Daredevil, and Superman took me away to far off lands to conquer foes that threatened the very existence of society as we knew it.  The content in those comics was exciting to me as a kid, but also age appropriate for someone who was an elementary school student, so mom and dad didn’t have to worry about what I was being exposed to.Marlin&percy-Charactersonly

We’ve started Sticker Swarm Media to give today’s kids the same opportunity many of us had growing up, by providing exciting, kid-friendly comic books that both kids and their parents will love.  Comic books that inspire today’s kids to love reading and also teach them common sense, guiding principles that will serve them well all of their life.  The Marlin and Percy franchise is the first, of hopefully many properties, that Sticker Swarm Media plans to produce in the years ahead, as we strive to inspire kids across American one comic frame at a time!  We hope you will support us in our quest by sharing Marlin and Percy with the kids in your life and by spreading the word about Marlin and Percy far and wide via social media and email.

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