Laughing All The Way

hyenaFor this month’s animal spotlight, I thought I’d give some hints towards the upcoming first Marlin & Percy novel! Let’s look at a character who has so far only been teased, but is about to have his moment at center stage:

 The Hyena.

Obviously, if you know one thing about hyenas, it’s their laugh. Their most defining characteristic is their high-pitched call, which sounds an awful lot like some crazy giggling. Most everyone knows that, but did you know that a hyena’s laugh indicates its age and social status? Kinda weird, if you think about it. Imagine if you went around yelling to everyone how old you were and were you ranked amongst your classmates or siblings.

Some other things to know about how weird hyenas are: they look and act kind of like dogs, but genetically they’re actually related to cats. Basically they’re liars, so it only makes sense that Marlin and Percy would butt heads with them. Female hyenas are usually the stronger ones in the food chain, especially amongst the spotted hyena. Males, on the other hand, have it pretty rough: basically once they grow up they are sent packing and forced to find a new family. Ouch.

More often than not, hyenas are portrayed as scavengers, but that’s really only partially true. Some species are pretty tough and will go about hunting and killing nearly all their food. But yeah, the other half is pretty lazy and will just feast on leftovers.

Additionally, hyenas are tough to tame. It’s been done before but it usually doesn’t stick. Basically hyenas are just one long list of villain clichés.

Up to this point, Marlin and Percy’s adventures with the Hyena haven’t been shown in full detail (though there’s a brief blurb about him if you want to head over to the Rogue’s Gallery!), but be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming Marlin & Percy novel for more shenanigans! Hopefully it’ll tickle your fancy.

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