Flashback to the Future

01-resizecrWith each passing day, we are that much closer to a new Marlin & Percy NOVEL! Yes, that’s right, you heard correctly. We’re still forging full speed ahead on a new comic, and even at this moment Tyler could be cooking up some pretty new pictures for issue 6 – trust me, it’s going to be a lot of fun…(there will be robots), but now there’s a novel in the mix too!

It was definitely a strange experience for me, switching gears from a comic script to a traditional book. With the comics, obviously there’s a lot more emphasis on the visuals, and I have to be constantly planning out the panels and their order so that it actually makes sense when it gets to Tyler to draw. With a book, that stuff is still important, but instead there’s a lot more focus on description and dialogue, which isn’t as much limited by the size constraints of a panel. In a lot of ways, it was a big adjustment for me.

The biggest hurdle, however, was making this really feel like a Marlin & Percy adventure, even though it’s in a totally new form. Obviously, once Tyler does some illustrations for it, that will be one step closer to being a reality, but on the writing front that was a challenge. With this first novel especially, I tried to weave things in and make it familiar by touching some on territory we had gone over in the past. We’ve seen some of the early adventures of Marlin & Percy already, and we’ve seen hints of their origins in the comics, but this book was a chance to explore that in more detail and tell a story that hadn’t been seen before. I think it’ll be a lot of fun for our readers to get a chance to have some of their questions answered and get to know our heroes better as their adventures lead them through the territory of the early comic strips and all the way up to the first issue of the comic book series.

To do all this I had to reference a lot of our early material. It was strange going back to find all these things to weave into the story, some of which I hadn’t really thought of in two years. At the same time it was neat seeing how the characters have grown and developed over the years, but it was a tricky thing to be mindful of. How can these characters be consistent with what they are now, especially when they’ve changed so much from the start? Well, in some ways things had to just be thrown out…in other ways they had to be recycled and approached from a new angle. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m excited for everyone to get to see how the past of these two apes influences their present, and beyond that, their future.

That’s the thing about stories: they’re all connected.

Better strap yourselves in for a wild ride, this saga’s just begun!

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