A Guinea Saved Is A Guinea Earned

guineaNot sure how we’ve made it this far without discussing one of the biggest, baddest villains in all of Marlin and Percy’s history, but the time has come at last to talk about Guinea! That’s right, this month’s animal spotlight is on none other than those charming deviationists: Baboons!

Sort of…

So it turns out that Guinea is actually just mostly a baboon. In a recent interview with monkey aficionado and Marlin & Percy artist/co-creator Tyler Ellis, it was revealed to me that Guinea is a mix of mostly baboon, but with the markings of a Chinese Golden Monkey. Who knew? (Apparently Tyler did)

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the facts!

Baboons are some of the largest members of the extended ape family, so in case you haven’t picked up on it already: don’t mess with them. Though they can grow as large as 88 pounds, the smallest species of baboon (ironically, the Guinea baboon) merely maxes out at about 30 pounds.

Baboons are pretty interesting when it comes to their courtship procedures. If a guy baboon is interested in a lady baboon, he’ll often bring her gifts (like food), help groom her, and even take care of any kids she might have. Sounds familiar, huh? Don’t irritate the guy baboons though, because if they sense a fight coming, they’ll just steal a baby to protect themselves.


Though Guinea is more of a lone wolf type more often than not, most baboons are actually pretty social, and often lives in groups of around 50 baboons, though sometimes as large as 250. Can you imagine a whole army of Guineas?? Cross your fingers that never happens (though it gives me plenty of ideas…). Speaking of Guinea armies: sometimes baboons will conduct raids on human households and steal things or prey on livestock. So we’re not making it up with this whole villain thing. Other things we’re not making up: the smarts. Believe it or not, baboons can be taught a fair bit of the mental processing skills that are required for reading.

For bonus points: a group of baboons is called a “troop”. Kind of like a squad, but cooler. #BaboonTroop

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