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cover BeginningsEvery day we’re getting closer to the release of the first Marlin & Percy novel! We thought you awesome readers of ours might want a lil’ sneak peek at the thing, since we’ve been talking it up for so long. Don’t worry, it’s well worth the wait. But don’t take my word for it! See for yourself, after the break:


Percy flew through the air, landing face first in the popcorn cart.

“Oh come on!” he said. “This isn’t even the good stuff! I hate kettle corn!”

“I could use a little help here!” yelled Marlin. “Percy?!?”

Percy crawled out of the cart, brushing loose kernels of kettle corn out of his fur, absently.

“Man, I’ll never get this stuff out! I’m gonna smell like butter and caramel for-”


Percy looked up and did a quick double take. He knew he had a tendency to get distracted sometimes, but even he was surprised at how off his game he was at the moment. The situation had definitely escalated in the brief moments since he had been on the receiving end of a punch that had sent him rocketing towards buttery disaster.

The two monkeys were surrounded by clowns.

“Oh, bananas!” he said. “I thought the circus was supposed to be fun!”

“Who says it isn’t?” said a high voice, a voice full of laughter. “I’m sure having a good time!”

Percy turned towards the sound of the voice, but realized he couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. It seemed to press in on them from all sides, and the way it bounced around off every angle of the enormous circus tent, there was no real way of figuring out its source.

He shrugged it off – they’d deal with the big villain later. For now, he had some henchmen to take care of!

“About time you showed up!” said Marlin, as Percy jumped feet first into the fray. Marlin was a pretty sizable ape, but even though he was able to hold off three of the clowns with no real issues, there were more on the way. Percy did a nice job of evening the odds.

“Hey, you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t do the same thing,” said Percy. “Fur maintenance is a very real issue amongst our kind.”

“Oh yeah?” grunted Marlin, his arms flexing as he pushed against the shoulders of the nearest clown. “I can think of at least…four, five…” he counted the heads of their opponents, “…nine more pressing issues at the moment.” His paw slipped and collided with the flower lapel that the clown wore. It shot a fountain of water right into Marlin’s eye. “Ow!”

“I’m just saying,” said Percy, as he somersaulted over the clown in front of him and kicked Marlin’s opponent right in the face. “It’s not unimportant. I’m the one who’s gonna have to live with this for weeks, waking up every morning and smelling this gross, sweet smell. And I just don’t understand kettle corn! Popcorn’s supposed to be salty, not this weird sweet thing they’ve got going on! It’s just not cool. Caramel’s for ice cream sundaes, not popcorn.”

“Why are you saying that weird?” asked Marlin. He socked one of the clown right in the nose. The sound of a bicycle horn blurted through the air.


“Saying what weird?” asked Percy.

“Care-a-mell,” he said, sounding the word out. “You keep saying ‘car-mull’.”

“’Cause that’s how it’s pronounced!”

“That doesn’t sound right.”

“You really say care-a-mell? I think you’re joking.”

“Look it up!” argued Marlin.

“Kinda busy right now!”

“Okay, well at least now you understand the situation! And besides…there’s no…caramel…in kettle corn.”

Two clowns tackled Percy from behind. He ducked out of their grasp, past one’s lunging arms and through another one’s leg. He made a neat move past another of the henchmen, then ran up the back of yet another, who was far too busy paying attention to Marlin.

Percy’s speed carried him all the way up the clown’s back, and he ended his run in an acrobatic flip that sent him flying heel over head…back to where he had started. Except now the clowns were confused. They stood there with their eyes out of focus, their heads shaking slowly as if trying to comprehend what he had just done. Percy ran at the one in front, then tripped him with his leg. The other one started to respond, trying to track Percy, but the ape was too quick and kept him off balance.


Marlin appeared, as if out of thin air and landed on the second clown, flattening him.

“Nice job, Marlin!” crowed Percy. The two apes high-fived, but their celebration was short lived. There wasn’t any time to rest just yet.

The high-pitched laughter echoed through the tent once more, announcing the return of their foe.


Talk about a cliffhanger, right? Hopefully you won’t be too sore with me for leaving it on such a suspenseful note; on the bright side you won’t have to wait that much longer to find out what happens next. I don’t have an exact release date for the book, but Matt assures me it’s coming SOON!

Maybe it’s here now? Better look over my shoulder.

Okay, soon then.

This one’s got it all. As you can see from the excerpt above, there’s lots of action and excitement, classic Marlin and Percy banter and tag-teaming, and…clowns? I guess you’ll have to wait and see what’s going on there. And who is that mystery villain who keeps taunting them?

Alright, enough of the teasing. Keep your eyes peeled for the new novel, coming soon!

For bonus points: Want to get some more insight into the creative process behind the comic? Caleb and Tyler did an interview for a magazine! You can check that out here.

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