Five Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

imgresHere’s another post for all of you writers out there! I think writing is super important…and I’m not just saying that because I do it. The reason I write is because I have to; it’s something God has gifted me in, and it just feels right when I write (*cue Chariots of Fire music*). So for anyone out there who wants to write, know this: I support you! It might be hard sometimes, but it’s always worth it.

This post is for when things get hard, specifically when you get the dreaded writer’s block. Keep in mind, what works for me doesn’t work for everyone, but here are still five great ways for getting over the hump.

  1. Dance Party!

This might sound ridiculous, but I’m not kidding. Sometimes, when your job (writing) is sitting still and focusing on something, your creative juices can get all stopped up. So to combat this, do the opposite! Get up, crank up the tunes, and get that adrenaline going! Seriously, exercise just makes you feel better, and dancing is just exercise made fun.

  1. The Bigfoot Approach

My view of writer’s block is that it doesn’t exist. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s hard to be scared of something if you don’t give it any power. This is why I write every single day, even if I’m not “feeling it”. Writing only gets harder if you take a break from it. But don’t worry, sometimes just laying on the couch and daydreaming can be writing, so if you need a day of that, go for it! Just don’t let the bogeyman that is writer’s block get you down.

  1. Tunes, Jams, Grooves, etc.

This one sort of sounds like #1, but for me it usually involves less moving around. I’ve written a lot about how writing is a very visual process for me, and music is something that often brings up a lot of imagery for me. If I’m stuck on a scene, I’ll often put on music and just soak it up until I get inspired. Sometimes focusing on a different kind of art can get me out of a rut!

  1. Water, Water, Everywhere

Maybe I’m weird on this one, but water gets me inspired. I find that if I’m ‘getting back to nature’ and soaking up some waves, stories tend to make more sense. Sometimes this means jumping in a pool, other times it’s a long bath…I’ve even been known to army-crawl through a flooded street to get the same experience. Don’t judge me, you’re not the boss of me.

  1. Pep Talk

The hard part about writing is that a lot of times it takes a while to find success. Whether you want to be published or just have a finished draft you can be proud of, it’s a long journey. As such it can be easy to get discouraged. Don’t do that. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re awesome. You are! Writing is a challenge and you are brave enough to do it! Remember that and believe it. You got this.

Hope that helps!

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