Five More Comics You Shouldn’t Miss

Like my comics? Check out the comics I like (keeping in mind that I also like Marlin & Percy, so always read that forever)! Last month I gave you a list of some of the comics I tend to be reading on a frequent basis…here’s five more comics that I think are rad!


  1. imgres-1Guardians of the Galaxy: You’ve seen the movie, now read the comics. To be honest, when Marvel announced they were doing this movie I was a little confused. Fortunately, around the same time, they re-launched the comic, and since my favorite writer (the illustrious Brian Michael Bendis) was behind the wheel I decided to give it a try. Allow me to pat myself on the back for my decision making. Okay, I’m back now. This series is SO MUCH FUN. It’s got a crazy cast, it’s got space, and there’s lots of lasers. What else do I have to say? Two words: Rocket. Raccoon.






  1. imgres-2Extraordinary X-Men: This one’s sort of a sister series for All-New X-Men, which I wrote about last month. Extraordinary has one of my favorite X-Men lineups in a long time, and it makes me feel like I’m reading some of my favorite old school comics again. It reminds me of the classic mid-80’s X-stuff, which is one of my favorite runs for the team. This one has big stakes, a focus on team relationships, and PHENOMENAL art by Humberto Ramos. Plus, if you like that sort of stuff, it has Wolverine (or if you’re me, and that’s not your scene, this one has Nightcrawler AND Colossus)!






  1. imgres-3Darth Vader: It’s no secret I love Star Wars, but this series really earns my love. While we all know that Darth Vader is the baddest of bad guys, we really don’t get enough of him in the movies. This series fixes that in a major way. It’s insanely cool seeing what Vader was up to in between the original films, and it really makes you appreciate how tough of an opponent he was. Delving into Vader’s jaw-dropping clashes with the rebels and his constant ‘chess match’ with the Emperor, this feels like an essential part of the backstory.






  1. imagesInvincible Iron Man: I’ve never been that into Iron Man (apart from his awesome onscreen adventures, because Robert Downey Jr. is a national treasure), but when I found out that he was getting a new series written by…surprise, surprise, Brian Michael Bendis, I decided to check it out. You’re seeing a pattern here, I know. Also a pattern: my hunch paid off! This book is crazy! I have almost no idea what’s going on – There’s ninjas! Robots! Doctor Doom (but not evil?)! – but I know I like it. There’s almost constant action, and the dialogue is on point; it’s like Robert Downey Jr. is speaking in your mind. This one’s a worthy whirlwind.





  1. imgres-4Invincible: Have you ever thought about what would happen if Superman was a little more accessible? That’s the very basic premise of this awesome series by Robert Kirkman (the creator of The Walking Dead). It details the adventures of Mark Grayson, who finds out he’s actually from an alien planet and has super powers. As you might expect, things get more complicated from there: there’s interstellar adventure, superhero shenanigans, and a LOT of family drama (hey, what do you expect when your dad is part of an alien race sent to conquer Earth?). This one brings a really human side to superhero stories and makes a really old school concept seem insanely fresh. Plus, the art by Ryan Ottley (aka the king of double-page explosions) is breathtakingly cool. Parental advisory: sometimes the cartoon violence in this can be a bit much, probably for teens and up.

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