Toad Be Or Not Toad Be

Toad-Comic-6Animal spotlight time! Marlin & Percy #6 has a little cameo that you might miss if you blink, but it just might be important in the near future. If you’ve read the issue you probably know who I’m talking about; that’s right, that dapper individual himself, The Toad.

 Toads are classy little creatures, but you’re probably best off leaving them to themselves, at least, if the legends about their ability to give you warts are to be believed (they’re not)! Much like their cousin, the frog, toads are amphibians, though they tend to live most of their lives on the land, as opposed to frogs.

Some other key characteristics, so you know you’re dealing with a toad as opposed to a frog: toads are dry and bumpy, give birth to live young, and their eyes do not bulge out. Also they have POISON GLANDS BEHIND THEIR EYES. Okay, so maybe don’t touch them.

But back to the ‘warts’: the bumps all over a toad are NOT, in fact wart. That’s just a myth! They do, however, have a cool function. The bumpy skin of a toad acts as a sort of camouflage, helping them to blend into their environment. In the instance of camouflage failure, toads will often puff themselves up to intimidate predators…or they will simply play dead.

Clearly these guys are pretty resourceful!

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