Five Comic Book Ladies Who Rock

More lists! Let’s get right to it: comic book heroines don’t get enough love. That’s a problem. Let’s see what we can do about changing that, shall we?

Here are five of my favorite ladies of comics:

  1. girl-with-blue-headbandThe Girl With The Blue Headband – Starting right out with a little in-house shout out. The Girl With The Blue Headband is one of my favorite characters to write in Marlin & Percy. She’s the real brains behind the operation, and ever since her introduction, her over-the-top reactions to the apes’ shenanigans have made me chuckle. She’s a great leader, a true friend, and she can handle herself in a fight (just ask Guinea)!




  1. images-1Kitty Pryde – Nearly everyone who has read comics has had a crush on Kitty Pryde, and it’s really no surprise. Initially introduced as the token teenager in the X-Men’s lineup, she quickly became a fan favorite, fueled by her snark, smarts, and ability to get out of a pinch. What I love best about Kitty is her humanity; amongst a team of larger than life figures, she is a character the audience can relate to. Over the years she has grown into a leadership role, first with the X-Men and currently with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and her ability to take charge and keep a cool head makes her a formidable opponent. Kitty kicks butt.



  1. imgres-5Stephanie Brown – She’s been Spoiler, she’s been Batgirl, and she’s been Robin, but regardless of the costume, Stephanie Brown has always been a hero. What makes me really dig this character is her background. Stephanie is the daughter of a criminal, and yet rather than follow in her dad’s footsteps, she set out to spoil his crimes. Even when it was difficult, she didn’t let anything stop her from doing the right thing, not even her own family!







  1. imgres-6Gamora – For anyone who’s ever read or seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Gamora, who is often referred to as ‘the most dangerous woman in the universe’, almost never loses a fight. She’s fierce, like Wolverine but in space, and she’s a true force to be reckoned with.




  1. images-2Jean Grey – This character has been around since the dawn of the X-Men, but over the last couple of years she’s been back to life in a new and exciting way. The character as she stands now has been pulled from her own past, and while she’s still the universal powerhouse she’s always been, her re-introduction, courtesy of the great Brian Michael Bendis, has lent her a whole new level of humanity. The way Jean takes charge of her life in spite of her supposed fate is nothing short of inspiring.

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