Marlin and Percy’s Colorado Adventure!

Marlin and Percy are on a Colorado adventure! The Marlin and Percy creative team is visiting Fort Collins, Colorado and the Poudre School District! We will be sharing the Marlin and Percy story and introducing our first full length novel!

First stop, Bethke Elementary School! Thanks to Ms. Carla Hewitt, Mr. Tom McInerney and Principal Ann Alfonso for a warm Bethke Elementary School welcome!

Next stop, Preston Middle School and the Preston Reads 2017 program! The Marlin and Percy team introduced Marlin and Percy’s first full length novel punctuated by a love a reading with parents and students during a special parent/student dinner hosted by Tracey Winey, Amy Schmer and Preston Middle School.

We wrapped up our Colorado travels visiting bright young minds at Laurel Elementary School of Arts and Technology. We appreciated the warm and generous welcome from Mrs. Mary Jo Gallahan, Mrs. Jane Serafin, Principal Tommi Sue Cox and the students of Laurel Elementary!

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