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Create a Character Contest Preston Reads

And the “Create a Character Contest” Finalists Are…

Fighting crime isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and teamwork. Marlin and Percy are always running up against no-good villains! Sometimes it seems like there are so many of them they’re impossible to keep track of. That’s where students from 3 Poudre School District schools in Fort Collins, Colorado came in! […]

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Marlin and Percy’s Colorado Adventure!

Marlin and Percy are on a Colorado adventure! The Marlin and Percy creative team is visiting Fort Collins, Colorado and the Poudre School District! We will be sharing the Marlin and Percy story and introducing our first full length novel! First stop, Bethke Elementary School! Thanks to Ms. Carla Hewitt, Mr. Tom McInerney and Principal […]

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Concept, Script, Sketch, Digitize and Color

I’ve got to admit that I’m completely fascinated by the entire process behind the production of the Marlin & Percy comic books.  The communication and coordination between Caleb and Tyler is uncanny to mere mortals like myself!  While there’s a bunch more that goes into the day-to-day production, in my mind, the process is simplified […]

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Looking Back To Look Forward

This comic has been a long time coming. Ever since I discovered comic books as a freshman in high school I have been absolutely hooked. I love so much about the medium that is comics, and that love really took hold of me with a collection of re-prints. I remember visiting a friend after school […]

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Meet the Creators

Marlin & Percy is a comic many years in the making. Originally conceived by Caleb Bollenbacher over a decade ago, the story quickly fizzled out due to the writer’s lack of artistic ability. Fast forward a couple years later and the idea has become a reality, brought to life by the dynamic art of Tyler […]

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