Keepin’ It School

Comic reader or not, you probably know who Batman is. Of course you do. Everyone knows who Batman is. That’s why literal bajillions (based on my rough estimates) of people have seen at least one Batman movie or one of the many Batman TV shows or cartoons or read one of the thousands of Batman […]

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Mouseketeers!…Sort Of

Eagerly waiting for the next issue of Marlin & Percy? Well then I’ve got just the comic book recommendation for you! If you like talking animals and adventure – sound familiar? – then you should check out David Petersen’s Mouse Guard. First of all, I’m always unquenchably impressed (to put it mildly) with people who […]

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Back to Basics

I can’t believe I’ve resisted talking about Marvel for so long! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a mega Marvel fanboy. At least half of my comic book pocket money goes towards their books, and even still there are plenty of Marvel comics that come out that I don’t buy but wistfully look after […]

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May The Comics Be With You

Some of you might have noticed that there’s a new Star Wars movie out. There’s a slim chance that’s news to you, but not if you’ve had any interaction with me over the last couple months. It’s about all I could talk about prior to its release, and seeing the movie (which was, in a […]

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Black and White and Read All Over

This month’s spotlight on the animal kingdom features an animal that you haven’t seen much of in our comic just yet, but one you might just have to stay tuned for. Let’s take a look at the one and only Panda Bear. First things first, panda bears are adorable. You probably knew that already, but […]

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Holiday Recap

Welcome to 2016, everyone! We’re so glad that you’re here as part of the Marlin & Percy family (‘cause let’s be honest, you readers are the whole reason we do this)! We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re excited about in 2016, and I thought the easiest way to tell you about all of that […]

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Superheroes Are Readers

From Page to Page

Special announcement time! Do you like reading the adventures of Marlin and Percy? Well if so – and we sure hope you do! – then you’re going to love the stuff we have in the works! What are these extra special projects, you ask? Well…more Marlin & Percy! Naturally as we wait for the release […]

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Let It Snow (Monkeys)

Time for your monthly dose of animal kingdom knowledge! Because knowledge is power, and everyone knows that superheroes (and superhero monkeys) need plenty of power. This week’s special focus is: Snow Monkeys. Lesson #1: “Snow Monkey” is just a nickname. The real name for these animals is the Japanese macaque. However, since these nifty animals […]

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Lines Back To The Start

Do you remember what your first comic book was? For a lot of people it’s superhero comics, which are some of my absolute favorites. Maybe it was one of our Marlin & Percy comics (that would be so cool!). For me, it was The Adventures of Tintin. Now a lot of people might not be […]

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For Your Funny Bone

Who’s ready for more comic recommendations? We’ll jump right into it then, because finding excellent all-ages comics is important! I didn’t discover Jeff Smith’s Bone until I was in college, but I know it’s something I would have absolutely adored as a kid. It’s one of my favorite comics, hands down, and it just gets […]

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