I See You’ve Failed At Apprehending The Apes
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Grand Prize Winner!

Cameron Carter of Preston Middle School in Fort Collins, Colorado has been chosen the Grand Prize Winner of the Marlin and Percy Create a Character Contest! Cameron’s clever and cunning character, The Honey Badger will be featured in Marlin and Percy’s Comic #10. We thank you, Cameron for your submission. You have inspired the entire […]

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If image doesn't load, you can download the comic here: http://marlinandpercy.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/24/2014/09/Issue-001-FINAL.pdf

Get 3 FREE Marlin & Percy Comics

Want 3 FREE Marlin & Percy Comics? Simply purchase comic #1 using this link https://goo.gl/KaBa4M and then post a positive review for us on Amazon. We need at least 100 reviews in the next 24 hours. Email us at marlinandpercy@gmail.com with an image of your Amazon review and we’ll email you the links to comics #2-4 for […]

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Create a Character Contest Preston Reads

And the “Create a Character Contest” Finalists Are…

Fighting crime isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and teamwork. Marlin and Percy are always running up against no-good villains! Sometimes it seems like there are so many of them they’re impossible to keep track of. That’s where students from 3 Poudre School District schools in Fort Collins, Colorado came in! […]

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“Create A Character Contest” submissions are in!

Students from 3 Poudre School District schools are helping Marlin and Percy fight crime by creating characters that just might appear in one of Marlin and Percy’s upcoming comic adventures. One extra creative student from each school will win a signed copy of Marlin and Percy’s full length novel and their character will appear on […]

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Marlin and Percy Go To

Marlin and Percy’s Colorado Adventure!

Marlin and Percy are on a Colorado adventure! The Marlin and Percy creative team is visiting Fort Collins, Colorado and the Poudre School District! We will be sharing the Marlin and Percy story and introducing our first full length novel! First stop, Bethke Elementary School! Thanks to Ms. Carla Hewitt, Mr. Tom McInerney and Principal […]

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Five Comic Book Ladies Who Rock

More lists! Let’s get right to it: comic book heroines don’t get enough love. That’s a problem. Let’s see what we can do about changing that, shall we? Here are five of my favorite ladies of comics: The Girl With The Blue Headband – Starting right out with a little in-house shout out. The Girl […]

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Toad Be Or Not Toad Be

Animal spotlight time! Marlin & Percy #6 has a little cameo that you might miss if you blink, but it just might be important in the near future. If you’ve read the issue you probably know who I’m talking about; that’s right, that dapper individual himself, The Toad.  Toads are classy little creatures, but you’re […]

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Five More Comics You Shouldn’t Miss

Like my comics? Check out the comics I like (keeping in mind that I also like Marlin & Percy, so always read that forever)! Last month I gave you a list of some of the comics I tend to be reading on a frequent basis…here’s five more comics that I think are rad!   Guardians […]

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Comic Book Novel

Sneak Peek 2

There’s a good chance that by the time this post comes out, the shiny new Marlin & Percy novel, Beginnings, will be out in the world for your reading pleasure. If not: I’m so sorry. But just in case my sneaking suspicions are correct, and in case any of you haven’t had a chance to […]

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Five Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block

Here’s another post for all of you writers out there! I think writing is super important…and I’m not just saying that because I do it. The reason I write is because I have to; it’s something God has gifted me in, and it just feels right when I write (*cue Chariots of Fire music*). So […]

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